If Your Boyfriend Does These 10 Things, Don’t Let Him Go

There are just too many toxic men in the world these days. They are the men who just bring all kinds of bad into the relationships that they get into. They are the guys who are so bad for the women that they date and they are rarely ever remorseful about the negative effects that they can have on girls. However, you still have to keep the faith that there are still some great guys out there who are worth taking a chance on. There are plenty of quality guys out there who will be more than willing to love you the way that you have always wanted to be loved.

And hey, if you’re in a relationship now, maybe you’re already dating that ideal guy. But how do you know if he’s the right man for you? Well, it can vary from case to case. We all have different preferences after all when it comes to our relationships. However, there are some very basic universal rules to being a great guy in a relationship. And if you find that a lot of these things actually apply to your man, then you have to try your absolute best to not let him go.

1. No matter how crazy things can get in life, he will always make it a point to make you feel prioritized.

He is never going to make you feel like you’re insignificant. He is never going to make you feel like he doesn’t care much about you. Sure, he may have to put work or family over your relationship every once in a while. But he is never going to make you feel abandoned or alone in your relationship. This relationship means a lot to him and he will do whatever he can to let you know it.

2. He will always be there for you regardless if you need him or not.
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He is going to always be consistent with you. He will be there for you whether you ask him to or not. He will make sure that you always know that you constantly have someone who is waiting in the wings someone who will help catch and pick you up if you fall.

3. He doesn’t want to have a future that doesn’t include having you in it.
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He is forward-thinking. He has an eye for the future and his eye always wants to have you in its peripherals. He doesn’t want to have to envision a future without you in it.

4. He will make an effort to get close to the other people who are closest to your heart.

He knows just how important your friends and family are to you. He also knows just how important it is for you that he gets along with the people who are near and dear to you.

5. It makes him infinitely happy to see you succeed in life.

He doesn’t get jealous or insecure whenever he sees you succeeding in life. He wouldn’t feel bad. He wouldn’t try compete with your success. He won’t have a problem with you hogging the spotlight. He genuinely becomes happy to see you happy.

6. He genuinely cares about whatever you have to say to him.

He doesn’t shun your opinion. He doesn’t necessarily always give in to whatever you have to say. But he will always make you feel like you aren’t being disregarded. He will always make you feel heard.

7. He always inspires and pushes you to become a better person.
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He is the kind of guy who accepts you for who you are but also motivates you to be the best possible version of yourself. He doesn’t try to change you, but he inspires you to want to be better for him.

8. He has the ability to make you smile even when you’re not in the mood.

He just makes you feel things that no one else could possibly make you feel. He has a charm about him that you find irresistible. The emotional connection that you have is palpable. You are always feeling comfortable and at ease with one another.

9. He has structure and direction in his own life outside of the relationship.

He doesn’t have to rely on you or on the relationship to make himself feel fulfilled. He does that on his own. He is mature enough to have his own plans in life. He has the ambition to pursue his dreams. And he has the work ethic to actually put in the effort to get everything that he wants out of life.

10. He treats you like a genuine equal.

He doesn’t see himself as someone who is above you. He doesn’t see himself as someone who is below you either. He will not put you on a pedestal and pressure you into always being perfect for him. And he won’t demean and belittle you to make you feel like you are some kind of a lesser person. He sees you as his equal. He sees you as a genuine partner for life.

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