Cat Forms An Inseparable Friendship With Parrot

Cats and birds are natural predator-and-prey animals. They cannot be friends because they have absolutely nothing in common. However, these natural instincts can be overcome by pet birds and house cats who live under the same roof. And the story today will show us that the perfect unlikely friendship can be formed between unexpected creatures.

Nobody can imagine that this furry feline has a special friend – a parrot. They love each other and become best friends. They’d spend their days playing and snuggling together. The cat even gives all the kisses and hugs his little friend. How cute is this!

Just take a look at this video and you will see it’s absolutely prefect!

Their friendship is very beautiful, it’s also extremely unusual. However, cat behavior experts say that it’s best to always use the utmost caution when introducing different animal species to each other, particularly a cat and a bird or other small animal.

Their relationship may not be typical, but they have certainly shown that love knows no bounds.

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